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You Look Great!

You Look Great is a course that will teach you the eze way to press record and always look great in your videos.

This course is for anyone who finds it difficult to appear on video or has never yet managed to hit the record button.

It's also a course if you've done some videos, but always find it the last thing you want to do off of your to do list.

✅ Remove those ‘Blocks’
✅ Confidently Press Record
⭐ Always Look Great!

You Sound Great!

You Sound Great is a course that will teach you 16 proven tips to help your audio always sound professional whenever you press record.

This course is for anyone who wants to sound their best in every recording they do.

You'll learn proven techniques to make your audio always sound professional, whatever experience you have so far.

✅ Perfect your recording space
✅ Confidently share your voice
⭐ Always Sound Great!

100% REAL Intelligence Guarantee

ZERO AI Content Included

ALL the Courses offered by are based on real world experience, countless content creations and lessons, mistakes and processes that work. The course contains 100% Real Intelligence Content ALL written and recorded by your Coach. 

Zero, Nil, 0% of the content came from an AI bot.

And that's my guarantee as per my business ethics

Previous Students Say...


Hi Colin, I wish I was married to you – my life would run so much more smoothly with your level of organisation. Thank you so much!!!!! You can’t imagine how good it is to talk about this ‘cos none of my colleagues/friends know what I am talking about. Anyway, thanks so much for your time.

Jane H, UK


This is great stuff. Thanks a bunch. I appreciate your insight and experience. You really helped take the frustration out of what seems like an overwhelming topic, and made it just that much more approachable and easy to learn. Your willingness to share is a tremendous asset and I don’t know how much more struggling I would have endured without your help.

Rory S, USA


COLIN YOU ROCK! When I posted this question I never imagined getting all of this help. I only hope I’m in a position to reciprocate and help you someday!

Jay B, USA

Your Coach
Colin Stevens MA

Hello from your personal coach throughout your exciting learning journey offered by each of the courses. I help online business owners grow in skills and confidence to create content to grow their business leads and sales the eze way.

For 40 years I've been creating content, communications and brands (see all the details here). That lifetime journey full of ups, downs, mistakes and triumphs has helped me to develop all the content success solutions and strategies you’ll learn inside each course. I've worked as a coach, a mentor and as the marketing adviser to clients ranging from huge multi nationals through to the smallest one person businesses.

My absolute passion is helping my students and coaching clients produce content that grows their businesses while saving them time and effort. So if you’re one of those people who have been putting off creating more than a few pieces of content at a time, or find the whole process scary and time consuming, then you’re in the right place for help.

Are you ready to turbo charge your content creation capabilities with my help?

colin stevens coach

"Helped me turn my dreams into reality"

"An incredible coach. Colin has the wonderful ability to convey his knowledge and expertise in a concise, yet simple and easy to follow manner. Colin helped me turn my dreams and ideas into an online presence to rapidly scale my business."

justin keight

Fishing Coach & Mental Health Charity Founder