I'm Colin Stevens, and for nearly 40 years I've worked in marketing delivering new ideas, brands and innovations. I've worked with clients ranging from huge multi nationals such as Aviva and Barclays through to the smallest firms such as a local radio station and a Cornish fishing guide. In that time I've also volunteered my time to help run and build a new primary school and an outdoor adventure group for children. 

My passion is helping my students and clients save time, money and above all, effort so that their businesses can grow faster and be more profitable. 

When not working I enjoy fishing, painting and growing food as can be seen here.

Thank you so much for your interest in my products.

Colin Stevens MA DipM FCIM


What experience do I have in the field of content creation and publishing? 

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What is my approach to ethics and honesty in the online business world? 

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Previous Students Say...

'Saved us days...'

‘Brilliant service, answered all our questions by return and saved us days of digging around and getting things wrong. Invaluable.’

Paula B, UK

'An incredible coach...'

'An incredible coach. Colin has the wonderful ability to convey his knowledge and expertise in a concise, yet simple and easy to follow manner. Colin helped me turn my dreams and ideas into an online presence to rapidly scale my business.'

Justin K, UK

'Easy to understand...'

WOW what a great course! Full of very useful easy to understand information. I now know that I was beginning to make some BIG mistakes and I need to have a look at my content approach. This time following the information in your course!

Tony R, UK