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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the answers to the most common questions our Affiliates raise.

If after checking these you still need help then please complete a support request here

Affiliate Account

I already have a Thrivecart Account. Can I still apply for the Eze Content Affiliate Program?

If you already have a Thrivecart account or are an affiliate for another product that uses Thrivecart your account details will remain the same – you’ll just see our products added to your affiliate dashboard once you're approved. 

You won’t get a new login as you can continue to use the one you already use.

How do I access my Affiliate Account?

You can access your affiliate dashboard HERE and then logging in using the email address and password set up when your account was created.

Once logged in you'll have access to your affiliate dashboard where you can get your links, resources and track your results.

Do you offer any tutorials on how to set up and use my Affiliate Account?

Yes we do! You can access all our tutorials HERE .

Will there be any resources to help me make sales?

We provide a core suite of resources based around Lead Magnet products and/or materials for our Affiliates to use. As our programme is based on Lifetime rather than short term Affiliate tracking cookies these first step resources provide an invaluable way for our more successful Affiliates to give real value to their customers. Each directly relates to and leads to a paid for option where a single sale will earn well over $100 based on our standard 40% commission terms. 

Based on Affiliate requests we are always open to developing other resources. Just ask!

Do I have to share product specific affiliate links to earn my commission?

The quick answer is - no. You can share a link for Product A and then if your customer decides to buy Product B instead you'll still earn a commission.

Can I sign up using my own Affiliate referral link?

No, such activity is prohibited and against our Affiliate Agreement. The terms of our Affiliate program are to encourage our Affiliates to promote our products and generate new customer leads and sales - NOT to get discounts.

Any such sales when identified will not earn commission and may lead to the Affiliate account being placed on special terms or cancelled altogether.

How much is the commission and how long will I receive it?

The standard commission rate across our Course products is 50%.

A $297 Course will pay you $148.50 gross per sale.

A $497 VIP Option Course purchase will pay you $248.50 gross per sale.

I have other questions. How do I get help with these?

If you’ve got questions the answers can be found for you. You can submit a question via the support form HERE or send an email to


Commission Payments

Do I need to have a business PayPal account?

Yes, you'll need to have a verified Business PayPal account set up in order to receive commission payments. You can see more on this here 

How do I get Paid for the commissions I’ve earned?

Once you have been approved into the Affiliate Program and can access your account dashboard you will need to connect your PayPal business account before you can get paid.

Here’s how to set it up - How to connect your Paypal Account

When do I get Paid?

All commission payments are processed automatically and paid by Paypal into your Paypal account. There is a 90 day delay before payments are made to allow for the statuatory 'cooling off' period online buyers are legally entitled to. We don't pay commission on sales that are refunded or prove to be fraudulent.

What is the correct link to use for my affiliate sales?

Our Affiliate links are always formatted in a specific way as shown below:

The only elements that will vary are affiliateid which is your affiliate id and product-name which is the name of the specific product you are promoting for us.

This URL does two important things:

1) It adds the vital tracking information to the users device

2) Redirects to your chosen target URL

The result of this is that when the visitor arrives at one of our checkout pages in the future, the system will check their device for that tracking information and then associate you as the affiliate for the sale. If this URL is not used, then no tracking information is held on the user’s device and so the tracking will not work. 

So it's VITAL that you use the URL provided to you in your affiliate dashboard so you can earn your commission.

Do you have any tutorials on how to use my Affiliate account?

Yes - we have a range of tutorials HERE.

If you think there are any additional tutorials we should add then please let us know.

My customer bought one of your products without using the referral link I gave them. What can I do?

All you need to do is send us the email address they used to make the purchase within 14 days of the original purchase and we'll manually assign them to you so you get credited with the sale. 

However, if on investigation we find the customer is already assigned to another affiliate then we are unable to make any changes.

Why am I not getting credited with sales?

There are three common reasons for this:
1) Last Click

Our affiliate program is based on a 'last click' basis which simply means that the last affiliate link clicked prior to a sale being made is the one credited with the sale. So, if a customer clicks on another affiliates link after clicking on yours then the last link used will be the one associated with the sale.
2) Incorrect URL 

Another common issue is where the link being shared isn’t correct. You should ALWAYS use the URL provided in your dashboard, NOT the end URL that the link redirects to. For example, a URL that has ?affiliate=xxx at the end is not a correct affiliate link and is not one provided in your dashboard. As it isn’t correct it won’t include the code required to track sales and your affiliate relationship.
3) Customer Action 

If the customer clears their cookies or cache, uses an Incognito or VPN browser, or changes device between acquiring your affiliate link and completing their order there will be no affiliate information available to collect with the sale.

Why are my commission payments less than the amount I expected?

All our commissions are paid via Paypal. Your PayPal account will be processing payments from us and your PayPal account will incur a fee for receiving payments (the rate will be subject to your PayPal account/region and standard PayPal fees – nothing extra). As a financial institution, Paypal charge fees for receiving payments and it is these that you have to pay when the money arrives in your account as per all business transactions.

Please note we cannot and will not use any options to bypass these fees as this is a breach of Paypal’s TOS, is simply identified as fraud, and would result in our account being shut down.

What’s the referral cookie life?

All our products offer a Lifetime cookie duration. We also utilise a 'Last Cookie' approach. This will assign the sale to you any time a customer decides to buy - provided they don't use another affiliates links in the meantime.

Lifetime Cookies mean just that - they have no set expiry time like other platforms set.

HOWEVER - for the cookie to be tracked, the customer must visit the cart page on the same device and browser as they did when they first used your cookie. So, as time goes by it is likely that the customer will have changed thier device, or cleared their browser cache for example so your cookie will no longer work. But provided you communicate with your customers and share your links (especially when a new course is launched) on a regular basis then your affiliate cookie will remain active and in place on their device.

Why do I have to wait at least 30 days for payment?

Customers have a legal right to cancel and refund their purchase within 30 days so we only pay commissions at the end of this period.

Why don’t you offer instant commission payouts?

Quite simply as that’s the quickest way for an online business to go bust.

Sadly, the most common fraud online with courses and digital products is affiliate fraud on sales where instant commissions are paid. Stolen card data is used to generate sales in bulk which are later cancelled by the payment processing company once the fraud is identified – AFTER the commission has already been paid.

So we don’t and never will offer instant commission payouts.

I have other questions. How do I get help with these?

If you’ve got questions the answers can be found for you. You can submit a question via the Affiliate support form HERE or send an email to