Find here a variety of essential tutorials for setting up and operating your Affiliate account.

Accessing and using your Affiliate Dashboard

Your Affiliate Dashboard is your core resource for all your sales information, product links, resources and customer data. This tutorial will guide you through the login process and how to use your account.

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Where to get your Affiliate links

To access your affiliate links for products you have signed up to you can get these from your affiliate dashboard. Find out how with this tutorial.

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Commission payments explained

This tutorial goes through how affiliate payments work and also breaks down the details of the information provided in your affiliate dashboard.

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How to connect your paypal account

This essential tutorial will walk you through how to connect your Paypal Business Account to your Eze Content Affiliate Account. You MUST do this step if you want to get paid!

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Adding and using Bonuses

A proven way to increase conversions when you make offers to your existing customers or subscribers is to offer bonuses which are delivered once they have purchased using your link. It's crucial though to offer just the right number and focus in such bonuses. Too often I see Affiliates trying to sell a product on say Audio but offering a bonus of some lame ancient PDF on a totally unrelated subject. So always try and think like your customer and offer bonuses that actually enhance their experience if they buy the product you are recommending.

All our products allow you the option to add your own unique bonuses as extra incentives for your referred customers which are delivered after they’ve purchased. This can really help boost your sales results as well as loyalty to you and your recommendations.

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Analytics and Tracking

When you invest time and energy promoting our products as an Affiliate, it's vital that you can monitor and understand the results your're getting. All our products allow you the option to add your own unique tracking codes as your referred customers go through checkout.

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Customer data

You can quickly and easilt find all the details of any referred customers, inside your affiliate dashboard.

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I have other questions. How do I get help with these?

If you’ve got questions the answers can be found for you. You can submit a question HERE or send an email to support@ezecontent.com.