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By purchasing one of my Coaching Programs or other products you're helping make a difference to good causes in countries around the world. Your purchases not only help your own business to grow but also helps me support those in need through the Charitable giving of my company, Elephas Ltd, that owns and operates this site. 

The Elephas Charity program is funded by my own contributions and also from the commissions earned selling other companies products through links on my sites. All that has been done so far, and all that's planned in the future, is only possible due to the support of my students and customers. 

Some of the charitable giving activities supported over the years are described below.

Thank you for supporting this valuable work.

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Baby Elephant


Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

My most favourite animal is the elephant and renowned for their inherent values of loyalty, community, family life and strength. In the most recent project my company Elephas, (the latin for elephant), has sponsored orphan elephants through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

We chose this charity because they provide hands-on long term care for orphan and injured Elephants as well as other endangered species. They have decades of success in rearing orphan elephants and then releasing them back into the wild to successfully live a full life.

They also provide wardens and a flying vet service to support injured animals in the wild.

World Vision


World Vision

So far five children, their families and wider communities in Chile, Kenya, Bangladesh, Peru and Sri Lanka have been sponsored by us through World Vision.

We chose World Vision because of their inclusive and global approach. World Vision also support people to help themselves through trade, training, loans and support programs proven around the world over many, many years.

The feedback and letters from the people we've helped are amazing and keep us in touch with what is really important in life, things like water, shelter, health, education, work and families.

Ethiopia Hope


Ethiopia Hope

We've also supported the work of a former colleague who visits and helps an orphanage in Ethiopia that supports the victims of AIDS, Famine and conflict.

Funding was provided to help with building work as well as books, stationery and pencils for the school and complete sets of football shirts.

This support allowed all the orphanages teams (Boys and Girls teams) to play matches in matching official team shirts - we even supplied shirts for the teachers too.


The Future


One of my first product creations was a high street investment product for small investors to invest in environmentally aware companies, the TSB Environmental Investor Fund.

This was back in 1989 and out of this project and working closely with legendary botanist, Dr David Bellamy grew an awareness of the positive impact of trees on the global environment, the wider natural world and the human mind.

After studying and writing 55,000 words of assignments to fully qualify as an outdoor Forest School Leader this awareness was rekindled and a future funding project will go towards planting native trees and hedgerows.

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I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so very much for the tutorials you put together. It has really helped me to settle my nerves as I was beginning to get a bit overwhelmed — but has enabled me to breathe a sigh of relief.

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WOW what a great course! Full of very useful easy to understand information. I now know that I was beginning to make some BIG mistakes and I need to have a look at my content approach. This time following the information in your course!

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Colin, You videos are fantastic! Thank you. In each of your videos you said you hoped you had saved us some time…you have! Thank you! This has been one of the most practical and useful courses! FIVE STARS!

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