Need Creative Copy For Your Content?

Speed your content creation with this set of copy creation guides!
Essential Tips For Great Content Copywriting

Whether you have to write your content copy yourself or you outsource to someone else – having copy that is concise, creative and consistent is CRUCIAL to your business success.

I’ve been writing copy of all kinds since before the internet age and in this set of essential visual guides you’ll gain access to the essential insider tips to writing and crafting great copy.

Presented in a series of infographics you can use these Creative Content Copy visual guides to speed your own copy creation to success!

However you create your content - using an AI tool, outsource to a VA or you do it all yourself, you MUST have good copy that reads well and sounds like you. With this set of proven tips and reminders you'll be racing ahead.

You'll find copy tips to help you create articles, scripts, social posts, podcasts - in fact any kind of content copy whatever market or niche you are in.

Each of the six guides include the shortcuts and tips that work for both on and offline use. Each covers a specific aspect of copy creation, giving you a visual guide to all you need for successful content copy creation.

What's Inside?

  • Guide #1 The Process: The essentials steps and elements to use every time you need powerful and unique copy that works!
  • Guide #2 Your USP: The unique way to make your product, your business and your copy stand out from your competitors.
  • Guide #3 Powerful Headlines: Discover the essential factors that make a powerful headline and why it needs to act FAST!
  • Guide #4 Story Telling Sub Headlines: Why you need to focus on your sub headlines and how to make your copy super attractive to your target audience
  • Guide #5 Number Power: How to use the power of numbers that our brains love when writing and laying out your content copy.
  • Guide #6 Confidence Building Guarantees: Demonstrate your confidence in your product and reduce buyer objections through the power of Guarantees. Find out exactly what to write.
Get these guides to progress and save yourself months of trial and error!

Creative Content Copy Guides



I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so very much for the tutorials you put together. It has really helped me to settle my nerves as I was beginning to get a bit overwhelmed — but has enabled me to breathe a sigh of relief.

Shelly R, USA


WOW what a great course! Full of very useful easy to understand information. I now know that I was beginning to make some BIG mistakes and I need to have a look at my content approach. This time following the information in your course!

Tony R, UK


Colin, You videos are fantastic! Thank you. In each of your videos you said you hoped you had saved us some time…you have! Thank you! This has been one of the most practical and useful courses! FIVE STARS!

Barbara V, Europe