The Eze Content Ideas Course can help you....

  • Find the right content ideas to grow your leads, sales and your business
  • Craft your messages so your story gets listened to and acted on
  • Use stand out strategies to be seen and heard in an ever busy world
  • Enjoy having your to do list under control with an endless content plant

Content Creation Eating Your Time and Enthusiasm?

When you started your own business you never expected to be spending so much time and energy on creating content, posting, reposting, rewriting and seeing little in return.

Perhaps you find yourself ticking lots of boxes with your content – just not the right ones for you or your business?

Your 'To Do' list looks good but your content is well – ok, but not really making much difference to your sales?

Whether you’re just starting out or an established business owner, all too often you find you don’t have enough time or energy to get everything done and your best efforts seem never quite enough..

So Are YOU Struggling With One Of The Content Curses?


You never seem to have enough content ideas and struggle to find new material that avoids reusing that post you only shared last week.

Communications Curse?

You’re worried you won’t know what to say or that your content is talking to the wrong people, not your future customers.


You often feel like an imposter worried that nobody will ever see or listen to what you say, even if you do post regularly.


You struggle with so many things to do while the rest of your life continues and your only real plan is your 'must do this now' list leftover from last week.

There HAS to be a better way!

The great news is that running your business and creating content doesn’t have to be cursed like this. Your audience and future customers are out there searching and looking for solutions just like yours. In fact it doesn’t matter if you’ve just started your business or have been in business for a while – the same solution applies.

You just need to create content that talks to your audience, speaks their language and lets them feel that YOU are the answer to their question. Do that and you’ll build the most important part of any business – loyal, trusting customers eager to read whatever you publish.

But where to start?

"Helped me turn my dreams into reality"

"An incredible coach. Colin has the wonderful ability to convey his knowledge and expertise in a concise, yet simple and easy to follow manner. Colin helped me turn my dreams and ideas into an online presence to rapidly scale my business."

justin keight

Fishing Coach & Mental Health Charity Founder

Introducing The Eze Content Ideas Course

It's time to take control of your time AND your content!

With what you’ll learn in the Eze Content Ideas Course you can finally take control of your content ideas creation AND tame your to do list. With the sheer volume of content being published every hour across numerous platforms the old content methods no longer work. Use them and you risk your available time disappearing ever faster.

You need a way to focus your efforts, streamline your process and free up countless hours of your valuable time. By following the step by step processes laid out in the Eze Content Ideas Course you’ll finally be able to actually get ahead with your content publishing. Think how great it will be…

Having more than enough content ideas

I’ll show you all my proven methods and tips so that you can research and find ALL the content ideas you need – without spending endless hours searching through fog.

Being seen by your target audience

You’ll learn the ways to achieve standout in a crowded busy world – without losing your dignity, morals or debasing the value of your brand. Find stand out content ideas that pack power but are all achievable for you to use whatever your business niche or experience.

Choosing not to work

Just imagine freeing up time so you can choose whether to work on another task or skip ‘work’ completely and do something for yourself. Using the processes and ideas you’ll learn inside this course WILL give you the chance to claim back your time.

Always having a long term publishing plan

With the content planning approach we’ll cover together you’ll be able to relax knowing you ALWAYS have your content planned out well into the future. With your plan in place you’ll be able to achieve more AND have the capacity to react to new trends and topics instantly.

Knowing you are always talking to the right people

Never again will you need to worry that you are producing content for the sake of your to do list or that what you share is not helping your business grow. 

In the Course I’ll show you how to be sure you’re ALWAYS talking to the right people and saying the right things. By creating content ideas that speak your language to your chosen audience you’ll accelerate the results you can achieve.


Because instead of trying to talk to everyone and your message getting lost in all the online noise your message will be seen, understood and received by those wanting to hear it. The more you can connect with your target audience and have conversations with them through your content, the quicker and easier it will be for them to know and trust you and proceed from reader to subscriber to customer. 

And when your product or advice makes a difference to their life they will then want more and more and become a true fan, communicating to their network all the reasons why people should use you. 

That’s the magic of creating messages, ideas and delivering them consistently through a long term calendar that you’ll learn how to create in the Eze Content Ideas Course.

Inside Eze Content Ideas you’ll discover….

  • The dangers posed by Wallpaper and how it can make you invisible – Module 1 Lesson 3
  • The Stupendous Six Settings – and why they are vital to avoid your content failing – Module 1 Lesson 2
  • What the Emperors Table Story reveals about the power of each piece of content you publish – Module 4 Lesson 4
  • The Read All About It Trick to boosting your content views – Module 2 Lesson 3
  • How the wisdom taught by the Alaskan Judge Process can set you free – Module 4 Lesson 2
  • Why you must Mind Your Language to keep your audience – Module 3 Lesson 2

This Course Is Ideal For You If...

You’re looking for IDEAS
You want to be SEEN
You want to have a PLAN

The Eze Content Ideas Course is for anyone who wants to have the skills, confidence and knowledge to successfully find content ideas, create stand out activities and put in place an ongoing publishing plan using a fast and effective but proven process. The course is ideal for Membership Site owners, Online Business Owners, Content Managers, Social Media Managers and Virtual Assistants who have an endless need for content ideas that talk directly to their chosen audience with measurable results.The Eze Content Ideas Course teaches you an easy to use, step by step process that will allow you to identify and plan endless content ideas in a time and effort efficient manner whatever business you run. If you need to produce content for your business the Eze Content Ideas Course can help you to..

Be heard - Be seen - Be listened to – AND Get your message through

Without spending hours each time, without spending hundreds of dollars each time AND without constantly struggling for ideas of what and when to publish!

What's Inside The Course...

Module One: Craft Your Message

In this first module you’ll establish your essential content marketing bedrock elements to prime your business for long lasting success.

  • Set your content goals, identify your ideal audience and know exactly what they need to hear
  • Understand how to get your message heard in a noisy, busy, distracting world
  • Discover the six key questions you must answer if your content is to succeed Identify the people you need to be having conversations with and those to avoid at all costs
  • Become pitch perfect in your messaging with the three essential C’s of powerful content
  • Learn the power of being in tune with the needs and concerns of your audience to better serve their needs
  • Harness the words that work like magic whenever you use them
craft your content message

Module Two: Find Unlimited Ideas

Once you’ve got your solid messaging foundations in place you’re ready to learn where and how to find unlimited but relevant content ideas that you can use to get your message through. By the end of this module, you’ll have a wealth of ideas and sources at your fingertips and have identified those you will use every day.

  • Discover your favourite content ideas that you enjoy using and your audience can’t wait to receive
  • Learn the dynamic power of content compounding and micro action steps
  • See the tried and trusted ‘if all else fails’ content ideas that work anywhere, anytime
  • Ensure your content ideas align and weave into your products both now and into the future
  • Be aware of overwhelm and learn how to use the dipping approach instead
  • Create leveraged content that reaches your audience at each stage of their journey with you
find unlimited content ideas

Module Three: Achieve Stand Out

In this module you’ll acquire practical solutions to create ideas that make your messages stand out from the crowd and make people want to view your content even more. By the end of this module, you’ll have learned and identified the stand out activities you could begin using right away!

  • Discover why it’s more than just your DNA which is unique and how use that
  • Learn why you need to mind your language to avoid losing customers
  • Why sharing Option A or Option B can drive your readers to reveal their real needs
  • How to use acronyms and niche phrases to showcase your expertise - and build leads at the same time
  • And the winner is? Learn stand out options from a content tool people will find impossible to ignore
  • Learn how to identify content suitable for reuse, recycling and to serve as your core ‘manifesto’
achieve standout

Module Four: Create Your Endless Content Plan

Now your ideas and content foundations are in place this module is the catalyst to your easier content future. You’ll learn step by step several different methods you can use to create an endless content plan that works for you, your business and helps get your messages through to your audience.

  • Why you need a plan, a map and a calendar and how to build them the eze way
  • Discover how your planning time invested now will save your DAYS in the months ahead
  • See why being consistently variable is the secret to long lasting interest in your ideas and messages
  • Understand real conversations and the lethal risks of posting too many wallpaper posts
  • Create a process to maintain your creative momentum way into the future
  • Understand the options for traditional and ultra-modern approaches to content planning that works FOR you
create your endless content plan

Module Five: Next Steps

Module Five provides you with the chance to assimilate and process all the new ideas and methods experienced in the previous modules and sets out an easy to use method to expand and continue the work you’ve already begun. By the end of this module, you’ll have a very clear direction on what to do next, your limits and how you see your content plans evolving into the future. You’ll be the master of your own publishing plan and no longer the person always behind schedule!

  • Learn how to use mistakes, errors and other ‘disasters’ to turn them to your advantage TWICE over
  • Discover the back to the future approach to ever improving your content over time
  • Understand the key metrics and numbers that actually matter and why small is always better
  • How to take your new knowledge and build into the future
  • Celebrate the new version of you and all that means  for your future!
next steps in your content creation

stand out

What makes this course different?

Rapid Implementation

Eze Content Ideas provides students with real life case studies, samples and practical exercises. Which means that by the end of a lesson, you will have learned AND tried out the teaching.

Both of which will help the information stick and mean you won’t face a blank sheet of paper when you go to put the teaching into practice for your own business.

All Of The Pieces

The Eze Content Ideas Course is all about helping you find unlimited content ideas, reaching your intended audience and always having a year’s worth of content planned out in advance.

The EZE courses focus on specific topics and cover all the essential steps and elements found to work over many, many years – regardless of market or platform used.

Personal Feedback

A core element of all the courses under the EZE brand is the personal feedback and review provided. Where appropriate, lessons come with practical assignments so that you can immediately implement the knowledge shared while working on their business at the same time.

Any fully completed assignments you submit will get my personal review and constructive feedback.

Help & Support

As a student you’ll receive my personal ‘students only’ private email address so you can ask questions if you’re stuck without having to share in public.

Or you can submit questions to the regular ‘Unstuck’ Q&A sessions where questions are shared and answered.

Your Course Coach
Colin Stevens MA

Hi from your personal coach throughout your exciting learning journey that is the Eze Content Ideas course. I help online business owners grow in skills and confidence to create content to grow their business leads and sales the eze way.

For nearly 40 years I've been creating content, communications and brands (see all the details here). That lifetime journey full of ups, downs, mistakes and triumphs has helped me to develop all the content success solutions and strategies you’ll learn inside the Course. I've worked as a coach, a mentor and as the marketing adviser to clients ranging from huge multi nationals through to the smallest one person businesses.

My absolute passion is helping my students and coaching clients produce content that grows their businesses while saving them time and effort. So if you’re one of those people who have been putting off creating more than a few pieces of content at a time, or find the whole process scary and time consuming, then you’re in the right place for help.

Are you ready to turbo charge your content creation capabilities with my help?

colin stevens coach

This Course Is Ideal For You If...

You’re Just Starting Out

If you’re just starting out you’ll find that the Eze Content Ideas Course will give you all the core content publishing elements you need to put in place with examples, exercises and easy access to help.

All so that you can be sure the content you start producing to build your business will be saying what you want, to the right people, delivering messages that will serve you into the future..

You’re an Established Business

If you already have a successful business up and running you know the value of communicating your products, ideas and personal values to your audiences. The course will enable you to create specific content messages and ideas for your existing customers, your future customers and also potential partners.

Having your content ideas and plans in place thanks to the tools and processes included in the course will free up your time for other important things – like launching your next project or being able to take the afternoon off and not work 7 days a week.

You’re an Agency or VA

Inside the course you’ll find a range of processes, tools and resources that enable you to highlight to both new and existing customers that YOU are the content solution they need. Many business owners want work taken off their hands but need confidence in their provider.

Using the tried and trusted processes contained in the course will give you the tools to research, outline and recommend content ideas that work for your clients. This foundation of excellence will simplify your promotion of your expertise enabling you to build your client base and fee income.

What Others Like You Are Saying...

Don’t take my word for it… Here’s what people have said about my courses, question responses and 1 to 1 coaching advice.


I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so very much for the tutorials you put together. It has really helped me to settle my nerves as I was beginning to get a bit overwhelmed — but has enabled me to breathe a sigh of relief.

Shelly R, USA


WOW what a great course! Full of very useful easy to understand information. I now know that I was beginning to make some BIG mistakes and I need to have a look at my content approach. This time following the information in your course!

Tony R, UK


Colin, You videos are fantastic! Thank you. In each of your videos you said you hoped you had saved us some time…you have! Thank you! This has been one of the most practical and useful courses! FIVE STARS!

Barbara V, Europe

Course Delivery

The course is designed to be studied over a six week period to give you time to learn and then implement the ideas inside. BUT this is YOUR course so you can work at the pace that suits you and your available time. Work at a pace and learning approach that suits you.

So that you can transform your content at your own pace and learning approach you can access the entire course as soon as your purchase is complete.

Eze Content Ideas will give you the tools, techniques and easy to follow processes that will enable you to build and grow your content – confident that your ideas will ‘talk’ to your intended audience to give your business the fuel and capacity to build and grow.

Everything you’ll learn in the Eze Content Ideas Course is based on my real world content creation experiences and the processes and tools I use myself for my own business and for my clients. So you can be sure that what you see and learn is based on the techniques in use today to help other business owners grow and build their business reach and success.


Course Bonus Extras

Bonus #1 Progress Support

When you enrol in the Eze Content Ideas Course you’ll have access to your coach every weekday (Monday to Friday) for 6 weeks to help you progress and take action if you get stuck on any part of the course. So think of me as your personal guide, helping you to unlock unlimited ideas for your content, identify stand out content strategies to be seen and crafting your very first endless content plan.

My passion and expertise is all about helping online business owners solve problems and take rapid action by simplifying content marketing. So I’ll be on hand to help you progress, achieve results and get the most out of your investment.

There’ll also be regular ‘Unstuck’ Q&A sessions where I answer your questions or share some extra coaching to ensure you get the support you need to move forward. These will all be recorded so you can watch them when convenient.

Bonus #2 Personal Reviews

Each module of the Eze Content Ideas Course includes ‘Action Step’ activities so you can (if you want) try out your new knowledge based on your own business and ideas.

As an added extra I offer a personal review of all completed activities with my personalised feedback based on what you submit and my experience in the world of content creation and beyond. 

While it's not a requirement to submit the action step activities set, I DO recommend you have a go and submit them as they are a proven method to accelerate your progress and future success in creating content that works.

personal reviews of all action steps submitted

$ Value of these Course Bonus Extras?

I don’t put $ values on these Course Bonus Extras as the value to YOU will be very different to someone else. You might get massive help from a Personal Review and less value from the Q&A's. Another student may not submit any Action Steps for review so get no value from that course bonus extra but instead find lots of solutions worth thousands to them in the recorded Q&A sessions.

All that really matters is that wherever you are in your content creation journey, or how much progress you’re making, you get answers to your most burning questions so you can move forward and create content that helps transform your business in terms of your productivity, leads, sales, profits and time you find to relax.


Graduation Bonus Extras

Graduation Bonus #1

Verifiable Course Graduation Certificate

When you complete the entire course you'll receive a personalised Course Graduation certificate.

This certificate comes with a QR code and validation check link so you can share your new skills and success with your current or future employers.

Whether you are an employee or a freelancer/VA, being able to prove your qualifications and skills based CPD is invaluable in a world full of photoshop fakery and Resumes light on verifiable facts.  

graduation ceretificate for the content course

Graduation Bonus #2 ($97 value)

Essential Tips For Great Content Copywriting

Whether you have to write your content copy yourself or you outsource to someone else – having copy that is concise, creative and consistent is CRUCIAL to your business success.

I’ve been writing copy of all kinds since before the internet age and in this extra special bonus extra you’ll gain access to the essential insider tips to writing and crafting great copy.

Presented in a series of visual infographics you can use these visual guides to speed your own copy creation to success!

You can buy this product on its own here.

This Course Is For You If YOUR Future Looks Like This....

You want to be seen and heard to grow your sales….

Working alone means all too often that there’s everything to do. So to grow and build your business you need to find ways to save time and do more but HOW?

With the content ideas and easy to use processes you’ll learn in this course you can be attracting new followers, warming them up to you and your offers and then getting them to click and buy - within days! 

All while you deal with life’s essentials like being a kids taxi or house tidying expert.

You want the 3 day working week not the 7 day version….

The dream of leaving the 9 to 5 can quickly sour if you find yourself working all week, every week and still feel like you’re drowning under a growing to do list. That’s NOT the life you dreamed of.

You want spare time, sleep time, hobby time, family time, do nothing at all time - in fact ANY time of your own.

The Eze Content Ideas Course will show you how to easily find and plan out your content into the future with a unique endless planning approach which can be your own secret key to finding the time you always dreamed of having as your own boss.

Leaving you with a good but tricky descison - what to DO with all that free time?

Special offer!

Enroll now and get the Fast Fifty discount!

Fast Fifty Offer

As a special offer there are 50 course places available at a discount - when these are gone the standard price will resume.

Course Fees

You can enrol in the Eze Content Ideas Course with a choice of a single payment or split payments (made over two months) to make each option more affordable. 

VIP Option

With the VIP Option of the Course you also get additional help and support with private coaching sessions alongside the more public 'Unstuck' Q&A sessions. The VIP Option is heavily discounted over my normal individual coaching rates and includes:

  • 3 x 1 hour private 1 to 1 coaching and advice sessions

Eze Content Ideas CoursE

Fast Fifty Discount

Pay $397 instead of the standard price of $497



money back


30 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the Course, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch to get the help you need or to request a swift refund.

Other Students Say...


Hi Colin, I wish I was married to you – my life would run so much more smoothly with your level of organisation. Thank you so much!!!!! You can’t imagine how good it is to talk about this ‘cos none of my colleagues/friends know what I am talking about. Anyway, thanks so much for your time.

Jane H, UK


This is great stuff. Thanks a bunch. I appreciate your insight and experience. You really helped take the frustration out of what seems like an overwhelming topic, and made it just that much more approachable and easy to learn. Your willingness to share is a tremendous asset and I don’t know how much more struggling I would have endured without your help.

Rory S, USA


COLIN YOU ROCK! When I posted this question I never imagined getting all of this help. I only hope I’m in a position to reciprocate and help you someday!

Jay B, USA


Common Questions

It's only natural for you to have questions about the course, how it works, the support you'll get and if the course is a good fit for you. So here's the answers to the most common questions. 

Is this a complete course or require lots of extras and ‘upsells’ to complete?

The Eze Content Ideas Course includes everything you need to learn how to find unlimited content ideas, identify appropriate ‘stand out’ activities to be seen and create an endless content publishing plan. For those students who want more help, such as one to one support, there is a VIP support package available but this is not required to complete the course itself.
As a student and member of the Eze Content community you’ll also be offered generous student only discounts on future courses and other products published.

Do you have any actual experience of the things you teach in the course?

Very short answer is YES going back nearly forty years. You can see the variety and range of my content creation experience which began in 1985 here. Over the years I’ve taught literally thousands of students using my ‘EZE’ approach with training and advice based on three standard principles.
SIMPLE – the training must be accessible to everyone and easy to understand – no ‘secret’ jargon
COMPLETE – the course must include everything someone needs to achieve the promised result – no missing pieces
PRACTICAL – students will get practical hands on experiences in their learning backed up by real life example case studies – no ‘text book’ theories only

Do I need to have any basic tools to complete the Course?

Yes, you’ll need some form of document and spreadsheet software although the free tools Google Docs and Google Sheets will be perfect. Open Office MS Word/Excel and Mac Pages/Sheets are also perfect. And that’s it!

I don’t have much spare time – will I be able to complete the course?

Absolutely – the course is designed to be taken in small pieces. Each Module and Lesson builds on the previous one so the best progress is made by working through each in turn at your own pace to build your knowledge and understanding as you go. None of the lessons are overly long and each is available in multiple formats to suit your own preferred learning style and to allow you to access them in your busy daily life. So you could sit and watch a video for one lesson and then hear the audio version for another. It’s entirely your choice to find what works best for you.

Why is the Course so Cheap?

The Course is deliberately priced to enable as many people as possible to learn and use the information provided. The 'guru's' would say I should charge $997 or more but my approach to life, business and my ethics dismiss such prices. In fact although I have myself paid such amounts for some courses and programs they've been of less value than the courses I've bought that cost a lot less.

I've spent my life helping people learn new skills and grow in self confidence and my single minded focus across all the courses I offer is to help people like you get started, remove the obstacles that prevent your progress and help build your skills and confidence for success. All without the need to spend endless dollars on yet more 'stuff' to even start.

I have experience, in fact lots of experience in the courses I teach and include infomation, case studies, examples and ideas based directly on that experience. I never teach subjects I know little or nothing about.

There's also no AI writing tools used to create these courses - all the content is written and created by myself and based on things that I've learned, mistakes I've made, and the processes and tools I use to make online business as simple as it can be. As my brand saying goes...

So the question is - what help do you need to get started or to progress? Hopefully you can find it here. If not then please let me know so I can see how I can help.

Will I need to invest in lots of expensive software for the ideas shared in the course to work?

Not at all. In fact you can use all the ideas and processes taught in the course with the most basic free tools. There are a few tools recommended that will make things quicker or simpler through automation but these are NOT required to complete the course.

Things are hard in my life at the moment. Do you offer any scholarships or help of any kind?

Yes – there are three different 'Helping Hand' programs available. Purchase Price Parity Discounts, Scholarships and the 80% Program for those living with a lifetime critical illness. You can find out more about each program and the criteria for applying here.

I’m not a tech person or a copy writer. Can I do this?

Yes you CAN!
While the course focusses on the types of content ideas that online businesses need to be seen and heard, you can join the course to study and learn even if you don’t yet see yourself as a content creator. Everyone who takes the course will learn and experience a wide range of ideas and inspirations so they can more easily create stand out content to help their business be seen, be listened to and above all else grow their virtual presence. This course will give you the tools, processes and confidence to come up with your own content ideas and plans suited to your business and how you want to ‘speak’ to your target audience.

I find it hard to fill a blank page. Will there be resources to help me when I start creating content ideas?

YES! Inside the course you’ll find case study examples and sample templates for everything taught. These are there to remove those 'where do I start' roadblocks and mean you can put into action the ideas you see with content that is directly relevant to you and your business. Each case study is based on real life examples taken from different markets to provide plenty of inspiration for your own ideas.

Will the course work for me even if I haven’t built my business or website yet?

This course is designed for online content creators at all different levels of experience and business size. Creating the core foundations of your messaging to speak to your intended customers is included in Module 1 and then in subsequent modules you’ll learn and discover ideas for your content to match your business plans. There’s also a bonus module included that will guide you through the core toolkit of other elements you will need for your Brand Look such as your logo, colours, fonts and image choices.
So if you’re just starting out you’ll have all the help you need to figure it all out. I’ve helped coach business owners who are yet to launch their first product and those who are yet to make their first dollar. I’ve also coached and worked with multi-billion dollar businesses to ensure their content tells the right story, so you’ll be in experienced hands.

How long will I have access to the course?

Once you sign up to the course you’ll have ongoing access. This includes all future updates and revisions to the core course content with no further charge.

Will I be able to get help with any questions or do I have to work alone?

Help is ALWAYS available to those who ask for it. I stress to students throughout the course that they should always ask for help to get unstuck rather than be frustrated or not make progress. You’ll be able to ask for help in different ways including email to my private students use only address, via the ‘I have a question’ form in the student area and through the regular ‘Unstuck’ Q&A sessions which can be viewed live or at any time afterwards via the recordings.

But if in doubt – ask. I’d much rather give you help than have you not get the results you deserve and have paid for.

Things keep changing online so will the course be updated and will I have to pay extra for the new version?

The course is reviewed on a regular basis and lessons, resources and information updated as a result. These updates may be due to changes in the online world or to reflect edits and improvements to the course itself. All students get access to the latest version of the core course materials for no extra charge.

Will the course teach me the best Facebook Strategies and how to make me an ‘Insta influencer’?

This course focuses on teaching the content ideas and publishing planning process essential to building and keeping an audience eager to hear from your business.

It doesn’t teach social media strategies or how to use a specific content distribution platform such as Instagram, Tik Tock, Facebook or Pinterest. This is for three reasons. Firstly, because there is a vast and endless array of platforms so covering them all would be impossible. Secondly, as there are so many variations in businesses operating in the online space the success strategies for one business won’t work for many, many, others. And thirdly as there are many, many courses and experts who specialize purely in how to use each of these platforms for specific business types.

So…if you need a course on how to use Instagram as a Lifestyle coach or how to be an ‘Insta Influencer’ then there’s plenty of people out there who will offer to help.

If however….You need to determine the messages your audience needs to hear, come up with unlimited content ideas and create an endless publishing calendar then this IS the training program you’re looking for.

Do I have to submit the Action Step work?

Not at all. Each lesson comes with an Action Step activity so you can (if you want) try out your new knowledge based on your own business and ideas. If you submit your activity for my review be assured that there's no 'pass' or 'fail' involved. Just my honest, helpful, constructive and above all, personalised feedback based on what you submit and my experience in the world of content creation and beyond. While it's not a requirement to submit the action step activities set, I DO recommend you have a go and submit them as they are a proven method to accelerate your learning and understanding.

Is this course based on new and untried ideas or based on proven methods?

This course is based on long established marketing communications best practices from the real business world – not some out of touch text book or trendy ‘business’ book. The course lessons are all backed up with real case studies and examples to showcase what works and the mistakes to avoid. So you can learn and gain ideas from what is actually happening online.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you decide that the Eze Content Ideas Course is not right for you, you can contact us and we will process your request.


A personal message

I can’t wait to welcome you personally onto the course to help turbo charge your content creation and publishing so that you reach your intended audience with messages they see, hear AND act on.

Join the Eze Content Ideas Course today to learn how you can create unlimited content ideas, identify stand out solutions to be seen and build your first endless content publishing plan that will guide your audience on a direct journey to purchase your offers and products.

Are you ready to turbo charge your content creation capabilities?

Let me help you find and create the content that will transform your online business. I very much look forward to helping you travel down your own unique content creation journey.

To YOUR success!