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If you're serious about producing professional sounding audio and video... 

We're welcoming our first ever grandchild, a teeny, tiny, perfect Grandson and so to celebrate I'm offering a huge discount on my flagship Audio Course 'You Sound Great'

Find out below how you can get it for only $47 a saving of $150 on the normal price of this Course.

Need Better Audio?

You Sound Great can help you:

  • Discover 16 time proven ways to sound GREAT!..
  • Ensure your voice delivers professional sounding audio EVERY time...
  • Learn how to make your studio space sound superb...

Your Voice And Audio Need Improving?

When you started your own business you never expected you'd need to spend so much time and energy recording your voice for audio, lives, podcasts, lessons, webinars, X's, reels, threads, ticks, tocks, etc, etc......

Your Audio doesn't seem to sound as professional as you wanted?

Despite the $$$'s you've spent on sound equipment your voice just doesn't sound right?

You find yourself trying out all kinds of settings with little improvement?

You just put off doing more recordings as you think your voice isn't up to the standard of those 'perfect' others you hear?

Any Of These 'Issues' Seem Familiar?

Self Issues?

You compare yourself to others and feel you don't sound as 'good' as others do in their audio?

Kit Issues?

You’re worried your equipment and recording space don't suit you and don't sound 'right'? 

Voice Issues?

You often feel like an 'imposter' worried that your voice and audio aren't 'good' enough?

Sound Issues?

Your recordings aren't sounding as professional as you'd hoped they would when you bought 'the' microphone?

Need some help removing these issues?

Introducing You Sound Great!

This Course Will Be Ideal For You If...

You want a sound set up that actually suits YOU
You want to be confident in your SOUND

You want to be sure your audio sounds GREAT!

You Sound Great is a course that will teach you the eze way to press record and always sound great in your audio. 

You’ll learn proven techniques to make your audio always sound professional whatever experience you have so far.

Whether you have the simplest recording setup or something more complex, the tips in this course can improve your sound and simplify your whole recording experience.

All the tips are designed with one aim - to set you free to have the confidence to record when and where you want.

If you need to produce content for your business the You Sound Great course can help you to..

Be heard - Be seen - Be listened to – AND Get your message through

Inside You Sound Great you’ll discover….

  • How to avoid being a Snap, Crackle and Pop with Bad MouthingTip 15
  • Learn how vital the answer to Yes or No can be to your recordings – Tip 8
  • Understand the dramatic impact of Peppers, Lorries and an old Telephone – Tip 10 And Stretch
  • Discover the answer to that common question in Which One?Tip 2
  • On and Off teaches you the simple professional Radio technique most don’t know about – Tip 9
  • Know why the options you’ll see in Solid Foundations are crucial to you sounding great - Tip 1

"Helped me turn my dreams into reality"

"An incredible coach. Colin has the wonderful ability to convey his knowledge and expertise in a concise, yet simple and easy to follow manner. Colin helped me turn my dreams and ideas into an online presence to rapidly scale my business."

justin keight

Fishing Coach & Mental Health Charity Founder

What's Inside The Course...

Module 1: Speed Start!

In this quick first module you'll get an overview of what the course contains, so you’ll know exactly what's ahead and can make faster progress. This module includes...

  • Discover each step in your course journey so you know how to best set up your studio AND your voice to sound great.
  • Understand how each lesson and module builds on each other to give you the essential skills and confidence for ongoing success.
  • After this course welcome you’ll be learning in two key modules which cover tips to improve your studio and your voice.

Module 2: Eight Eze Tips For Great Studio Recording

In module 2 we’ll work together through a series of tips to make your studio set up perfect for professional sound results. Each of these tips are tried, trusted, cheap and eze solutions that you can use immediately. Just some of the things you'll learn include...

  • See how your thumb and a pencil can help you sound your best whatever microphone you use
  • Find out how your most boring household items can be the key to a rich professional sound
  • Learn the cheap and simple item that can make or break ANY recording
  • Save yourself hours of wasted effort and endless frustration by just using just a few minutes
  • Know why solid foundations are crucial to you sounding great however you record your audio

Module 3: Eight Eze Tips For Great Voice Recording

Then when you reach module 3, I'll take you through my eight tips that will have your voice ready, willing and able to give you the best possible sound for your recordings.

You’ll then have the techniques in place to use to give you the confidence that you need to record pro standard audio for your course or business into the future.

If you've never done audio before or think that your voice isn’t ‘right’, then this module of the course will help you big time. Some of the things you'll learn include...

  • Discover why using your voice is no different to Yoga or even running a marathon
  • Uncover the old fashioned trick that can make you sound so much better than today’s ‘professionals’
  • Understand the essential extra you should always use when recording
  • Hear and then use phrases, rhymes and words that can ensure you voice is always ready to record 
  • Learn why gaps can be bad but also good and eze ways to use them correctly

stand out

What makes the Eze courses different?

Rapid Implementation

All the courses provide students with real life case studies, samples and practical exercises. Which means that by the end of a lesson, you will have learned AND tried out the teaching.

Both of which will help the information stick and mean you won’t face a blank sheet of paper when you go to put the teaching into practice for your own business.

Varied Formats

Everyone learns in a different way and even that changes according to circumstances such as driving. So in this and all Eze courses each and EVERY lesson is provided in multiple formats so you can consume them how you want.
Video – Yes
Audio – Yes
Text – Yes
Accessible – Yes
Interactive – Yes

Deep Experience

Your coach has 40 years’ experience of creating communications content that works. For clients varying in size from one person niche online businesses such as a craft store and mindfulness coach to masterminding all the communications across multi-billion personal finance launches for corporations such as AXA, Aviva, Charles Schwab and Barclays.

Personal Feedback

A core element of all the courses under the EZE brand is the personal feedback and review offered. Where appropriate, lessons come with practical assignments so that students can immediately implement the knowledge shared while working on their business at the same time.

Any fully completed assignments submitted will get my personal review and constructive feedback.

Help & Support

As a student you can ask questions direct to your coach, in the Community Facebook Group or via the regular 'Unstuck' sessions. So you can get answers in public or privately if you’re stuck but don't feel happy sharing in public.

The regular ‘Unstuck’ Q&A sessions are where questions are shared and answered so everyone can benefit and progress.

All Of The Pieces

All the EZE courses focus on specific topics and cover all the essential steps and elements found to work over many, many years – regardless of market or platform used. 

The You Sound Great course is all about helping you perfect your studio set up and your voice so you can sound professional whenever you record the audio essential for your messages to be heard.

Your Course Coach
Colin Stevens MA

Hello from your personal coach throughout your exciting learning journey that is the You Sound Great course. I help online business owners grow in skills and confidence to create content to grow their business leads and sales the eze way.

For 40 years I've been creating content, communications and brands (see all the details here). That lifetime journey full of ups, downs, mistakes and triumphs has helped me to develop all the content success solutions and strategies you’ll learn inside the Course. I've worked as a coach, a mentor and as the marketing adviser to clients ranging from huge multi nationals through to the smallest one person businesses.

My absolute passion is helping my students and coaching clients produce content that grows their businesses while saving them time and effort. So if you’re one of those people who have been putting off creating more than a few pieces of content at a time, or find the whole process scary and time consuming, then you’re in the right place for help.

Are you ready to turbo charge your content creation capabilities with my help?

colin stevens coach

This Course Is Ideal For You If...

You’re Just Starting Out

If you’re just starting out you’ll find that the You Sound Great Course will give you all the information you need to start recording video and audio and sound like a professional. 

All so that you can be confident and happy producing recordings that showcase you and your messages to your intended audience...

You’re an Established Business

If you already have a successful business up and running you know the value of communicating your products, ideas and personal values to your audiences.

The You Sound Great course will enable you to always sound professional to your audience thanks to an array of eze to adopt audio tips and techniques proven over time.

100% REAL Intelligence Guarantee

ZERO AI Content Included

You Sound Great is a course based on real world experience, countless content creations and lessons, mistakes and processes that work. The course contains 100% Real Intelligence Content ALL written and recorded by your Coach. 

Zero, Nil, 0% of the content came from an AI bot.

And that's my personal guarantee as per my business ethics

What Others Are Saying...

Don’t take my word for it… Here’s what people have said about my courses, question responses and 1 to 1 coaching advice.


I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so very much for the tutorials you put together. It has really helped me to settle my nerves as I was beginning to get a bit overwhelmed — but has enabled me to breathe a sigh of relief.

Shelly R, USA


WOW what a great course! Full of very useful easy to understand information. I now know that I was beginning to make some BIG mistakes and I need to have a look at my content approach. This time following the information in your course!

Tony R, UK


Colin, You videos are fantastic! Thank you. In each of your videos you said you hoped you had saved us some time…you have! Thank you! This has been one of the most practical and useful courses! FIVE STARS!

Barbara V, Europe





$150 OFF

Only $47

money back


30 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the Course, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch to get the help you need or to request a swift refund.


Common Questions

It's only natural for you to have questions about the course, how it works, the support you'll get and if the course is a good fit for you. So here's the answers to the most common questions. 

Is this a complete course or require lots of extras and ‘upsells’ to complete?

The You Look Great Course includes everything you need to learn what blocks get in the way of pressing record AND how to remove them the eze way. So there's nothing 'extra' you need to buy - it's a complete course.

However, as a student and member of the Eze Content community you’ll will be offered generous student only discounts (50% off is typical) on future courses and other products published.

Do you have any actual experience of the things you teach in the course?

Very short answer is YES going back forty years. You can see the variety and range of my content creation experience which began in 1985 here. Over the years I’ve taught literally thousands of students using my ‘EZE’ approach with training and advice based on three standard principles.
SIMPLE – the training must be accessible to everyone and easy to understand – no ‘secret’ jargon
COMPLETE – the course must include everything someone needs to achieve the promised result – no missing pieces
PRACTICAL – students will get practical hands on experiences in their learning backed up by real life example case studies – no ‘text book’ theories only

I don’t have much spare time – will I be able to complete the course?

Absolutely – the course is designed to be taken in small pieces. Each Module and Lesson builds on the previous one so the best progress is made by working through each in turn at your own pace to build your knowledge and understanding as you go. None of the lessons are overly long and each is available in multiple formats to suit your own preferred learning style and to allow you to access them in your busy daily life. So you could sit and watch a video for one lesson and then hear the audio version for another. It’s entirely your choice to find what works best for you.

Will I need to invest in lots of expensive software for the ideas shared in the course to work?

Not at all. In fact you can use all the ideas and processes taught in the course with the most basic free tools. There are a few tools recommended that will make things quicker or simpler through automation but these are NOT required to complete the course.

Will the course work for me even if I haven’t built my business or website yet?

This course is designed for online content creators at all different levels of experience and business size. So if you’re just starting out you’ll have all the help you need to figure it all out. I’ve helped coach business owners who are yet to launch their first product and those who are yet to make their first dollar. I’ve also coached and worked with multi-billion dollar businesses to ensure their content tells the right story, so you’ll be in experienced hands.

How long will I have access to the course?

Once you sign up to the course you’ll have ongoing access. This includes all future updates and revisions to the core course content with no further charge.

Will I be able to get help with any questions or do I have to work alone?

Help is ALWAYS available to those who ask for it. I stress to students throughout the course that they should always ask for help to get unstuck rather than be frustrated or not make progress. You’ll be able to ask for help in different ways including email, via the ‘I have a question’ form in the student area and through the regular ‘Unstuck’ Q&A sessions.

But if in doubt – ask. I’d much rather give you help than have you not get the results you deserve.

Things keep changing online so will the course be updated and will I have to pay extra for the new version?

The course is reviewed on a regular basis and lessons, resources and information updated as a result. These updates may be due to changes in the online world or to reflect edits and improvements to the course itself. All students get access to the latest version of the core course materials for no extra charge.

Will the course teach me the best Facebook Strategies and how to make me an ‘Insta influencer’?

This course focuses on teaching you how to identify and remove the common blocks that get in the way of pressing record or appearing in public on video, allowing you to create content that your audience wants to see.

It doesn’t teach social media strategies or how to use a specific content distribution platform such as Instagram, Tik Tock, Facebook or Pinterest. This is for three reasons. Firstly, because there is a vast and endless array of platforms so covering them all would be impossible. Secondly, as there are so many variations in businesses operating in the online space the success strategies for one business won’t work for many, many, others. And thirdly as there are many, many courses and experts who specialize purely in how to use each of these platforms for specific business types.

So…if you need a course on how to use Instagram as a Lifestyle coach or how to be an ‘Insta Influencer’ then there’s plenty of people out there who will offer to help.

If however….You need to understand what blocks get in the way of pressing record and how to remove them the eze way then this IS the training program you’re looking for.

Is this course based on new and untried ideas or based on proven methods?

This course is based on long established best practices and experience gathered from 40 years of content creation in the harsh reality of the real business world – not some out of touch text book or trendy ‘business’ book.  

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you decide that the Eze Content 'You Look Great' Course is not right for you once the program begins, you can contact us and we will process your request.


A personal message

I can’t wait to welcome you personally onto the You Sound Great course to help you set up your studio to suit you and help you perfect your voice for all your recordings.

The course is especially designed to leave you feeling confident in the sound your studio setup and your voice create in your audio recordings so that you sound professional to your intended audience with messages they see, hear AND act on.

Join the You Sound Great Course community today and turbo charge your content creation capabilities!

I very much look forward to helping you travel down your own unique content creation journey.

To YOUR success!

Other Students Say...


Hi Colin, I wish I was married to you – my life would run so much more smoothly with your level of organisation. Thank you so much!!!!! You can’t imagine how good it is to talk about this ‘cos none of my colleagues/friends know what I am talking about. Anyway, thanks so much for your time.

Jane H, UK


This is great stuff. Thanks a bunch. I appreciate your insight and experience. You really helped take the frustration out of what seems like an overwhelming topic, and made it just that much more approachable and easy to learn. Your willingness to share is a tremendous asset and I don’t know how much more struggling I would have endured without your help.

Rory S, USA


COLIN YOU ROCK! When I posted this question I never imagined getting all of this help. I only hope I’m in a position to reciprocate and help you someday!

Jay B, USA